WordPress images 100% optimized

If you’re wondering how to improve the images of your WordPress site to the edge, here is the tip.

  • Install UpdraftPlus Backups
  • Do an entire backup of your site
  • Download the other files in a zip
  • Unzip the files and install ImageOptim for Mac or FileOptimizer for Windows
  • Open the uploads folder unzipped in your local inside the app and leave it to do the compression
  • After you save 50 or more percent of size, zip the result and push it to the server
  • Rename the current uploads folder to, let’s say, _uploads
  • Unzip the new uploads with all images optimized
  • Done!

Plugins do a nice job, but it’s not the best and also PNG files are difficult to compress using web technologies, so this process could be slow if you have 400MB or GBs of images, but at the end of the process, you’ll be very happy and knowing that it’s not possible to do it better.

Also, you’ll keep those tools for future images you upload to your site, so just remember to pass the images through one of these apps and they’ll be ready to upload to your site.

Hope this helps!