PhpStorm, my last test

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Just an hour or so testing it…

My custom commands in my .profile file didn’t work on the PhpStorm Terminal.

The SSH commands saved on PhpStorm can’t be triggered by a shortcut, and they are not available on its Terminal.

I couldn’t even connect to my local DB. This is the help I found to solve my issue I DON’T REALLY WANT TO TRY ALL THAT!

I started configuring the styles and I noticed that was tooooo much!!
Spaces, new lines, etc. PhpStorm prioritise configuration over convention, which is very annoying. And I just tried to amend PHP styles!
SVN is not integrated, just Git and Mercurial.
Mercurial projects don’t work, it seems there is an issue with the hg command on my environment, which I’ve never noticed with other tools and they can deal with that. I don’t understand!

Sublime Alignment, I couldn’t find a way to do anything similar.

I tried to install a plugin like the AngularJS extension, but I couldn’t find an easy step by step or a simple guide that help me out on how to install or move the jar file I downloaded.

The Go to definition functionality, doesn’t work for AngularJS projects (I know is javascript, but works in Sublime as well as with PHP), nor for ExpressionEngine, just basic PHP files.

I was crazy when I decided to test the debugging system. No way, too much configuration, too difficult, more than my actual code. In Sublime I spent an hour following the plugin guide and was very easy.

Code highlighting in Sublime is much easier to read.
When you switch panels at the bottom, the event log panel changes to show you random events relevant to the actual panel you switched on. Interessant but ugly, I don’t want the IDE to be that clever, sometimes I can’t see whats going on, I’ve a 27 inches screen in front of me.

cmd+z doesn’t work for all tasks. If you inject language (I don’t know what is that) you can’t undo that action with that shortcut.

Open two files with the same name at the same time, the first file tab title is not updated, how is suppouse for me to know which file is it opened.

I had enough!

I’ll stay with Sublime.